The latest version of Pure ink is 1.3.0

[enhancements in 1.3.0]
Pure ink 1.3.0 provides new features including:
  • Improved Accuracy in Color Mixing,
  • Color Flushing,
  • Quick Dry,
  • Diffusion Freezing,
  • Diffusion Effect Improvement,
  • Brush with Dual Colors,
  • Broken Brush,
  • Convenient Change of Brush Pressure,
  • Brush Quality Improved,
  • Paper Size Increased,
  • High Resolution Output for Mac,
  • Sharpness Improved in High Resolution Output,
  • Faster Performance,
  • Undo/Redo Improved

  • Installing Window version

    Download button for Pure ink 1.3 (Win64) (186MB)

    1. Download and unzip the file. For Windows 64-bit, place the folder of "Pure ink (Win64) 1-3-0" inside C:/Programe Files. Alternatively, you can also simply place the folder in root directory of C drive. For convenience, Open the folder and create a short cut for "Pure_ink.exe" to desktop. Double click "Pure_ink.exe" to run.

    2. Pure ink is securely signed and verified. SSL code signing certificate Double click Pure_ink.exe to run.

    3. Previous version: Pure ink 1.2.2

    Installing Mac version

    Download button for Pure ink 1.3 (Mac Interl-64) Download button for Pure ink 1.3 (Mac Apple Silicon) (187MB) (52MB)

    1. To start for the first time, press the "control" key and mouse click the icon of Pure_ink together, select "ok" or "open", REPEAT THIS STEP TWICE, then select "open" to start Pure ink.

    2. Please read this first before you execute Pure ink in Mac.

    3. Previous stable version: Pure ink 1.2.2